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Alan Catanzariti, D.P.M, FACFAS

Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery

Practice: Podiatric Medicine and Surgery


Dr. Catanzariti maintains a private practice that is dedicated to reconstructive foot and ankle surgery and diabetic wound management. He currently serves as Director of Podiatric Residency Training at The Western Pennsylvania Hospital. His duties include curriculum development and continuing medical education. He was instrumental in developing a one year limb-salvage fellowship at The Western Pennsylvania Hospital. Additionally he has published several articles in scientific journals, textbooks and periodicals. Dr. Catanzariti is also a faculty member for several scientific conferences around the country and has given abstract presentations at various scientific meetings.

His areas of interest are reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, publishing and writing, postgraduate medical education, litigation involving foot and ankle surgery and diabetic limb salvage.

Dr. Catanzariti's philosophy is one that emphasis non-operative and conservative care. It is our goal to keep individuals functioning, working, and maintaing an active lifstyle. We reserve surgical management for patients who do not respond to non-operative care or have no other reasonable options.

We accept all major insurance plans including Keystone Blue, Select Blue, Security Blue, Aetna USHealthcare, Gateway, Health Assurance, Health Americia and Advantra.

If you have any questions or owuld like a brochure on any particular foot problem please contact our office at 412-787-7005 or visit us at our web site at www.catanzariti.com

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