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Sleep-N-Heel™ Heel Rejuvenating Kit

Sleep-N-Heel™ Heel Rejuvenating Kit

At-home heel rejuvenating kit designed to soften dry, cracked skin.

Price: $35.49
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Sleep-N-Heel™ Night Conditioning Heel Sleeves

Sleep-N-Heel™ Night Conditioning Heel Sleeves

Night conditioning heel sleeves provide soothing relief to rough or cracked heels by moisturizing dry skin while resting.

Available in bags of one pair.
Price: $19.99
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Ureacin® - 20 Lotion

Ureacin® - 20 Lotion

A thick, rich cream that dissolves dry, horny layers of skin and stimulates dermal cell renewal using an effective moisturizer, 20% urea.

Available in a 4 oz. jar.
Price: $23.49
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